6 de maio de 2011

Cass McCombs - Wit's End (2011)

"You never really tried to love me."

“With each release, Cass McCombs has proven himself a wordsmith of great economy and precision. His compositions, often sparse and non-traditional, paired with his melodies and arrangements, transform into subtly revealing songs, filled with depth of emotion and meaning. It is that precision that would lead one to believe that all the autobiographical material a person would seek about McCombs is embedded in the songs (and you'd be right) but then he would insist after the fact that your deductions couldn't be more off the mark about what is truth and what is simply artistic expression. Light in its darkness, claustrophobic in its panorama, distant in its intimacy, present in its timelessness; WIT’S END should be given one’s full and undivided attention” -Kris Gillespie, Domino Records

O que podemos saber sobre o Cass Mccombs é que ele é um cantor, compositor, Escorpião nascido no norte da Califórnia e atualmente reside em LA. Tem cinco LPs e um EP, o Dropping the Writ(2007) foi eleito o melhor álbum do ano pela Amazon e o Catacombs(2009) ficou entre os 50 na escolha da Pitchfork, mas ainda assim ele é um mistério. O quinto álbum, Wit's End, acaba de ser lançado pela Domino. Foram dois anos de gravação e Cass o produziu junto com Ariel Rechtshaid. Com oito faixas este pode ser declarado um dos álbuns mais "escuro" dele, a Catacomb está mais funda. Ouça a faixa que abre o álbum, "County Line":

Cass McCombs - County Line by DominoRecordCo

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