9 de dezembro de 2010

A Spectrals Extended Play

Louis is softly spoken with a shock of ginger hair

"We actually had to check to make sure this wasn’t a cover of some obscure older song that was released in the 1950s that no one cared about. It’s not! It’s new! And that certainly speaks to the power of Spectrals aka the one man band man Louis Jones. Look at that record cover! Even that could fool us. But whatever - you’re here for the song and “I Ran With Love But Couldn’t Keep Up,” is a killer. Lilting slide guitar, and those rounded, warm vocals…it’s enough to make us want to invent a time machine, climb in the time machine and then go back to the ’50s and dance with a girl in some overly bright diner to this song (that’s what they did, right?). But it’s cold out, which means we’re feeling lazy, which means we’re just going to put it on repeat. Now you can too." (Fader)

Louis Jones vem da cidade de Heckmondwike, proximo a Leeds, com influencias como Diana Ross & The Supremes, The Isley Brothers e Phil Spector(do qual vem o "Spectrals") seu som parece sair de uma jukebox dos anos 50. Gravado totalmente em analogico, A Spectrals Extended Play mostra uma evolução de Louis na musica. Tendo lançado single por várias gravadoras, desta vez quem lançou essa maravilha já descrita pelo Fader foi a Moshi Moshi em outubro, mas que só agora caiu nas minhas graças. ouça abaixo a faixa que abre o EP, "Dip Your Toe In":

Spectrals - Dip Your Toe In by fearurself

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