3 de dezembro de 2010

Girls Names vs Brilliant Colors

I Lose/You Win

"Girls Names formed in Belfast in January 2009 with their first gig booked before the duo had even played together. In their short existence they've quickly streamlined their sound, forging their own self-styled "disposable noise pop" reminiscent of the 80s shadow world of Black Tambourine and Felt. They've been prolific too, honing their sound over the course of several releases, including an EP on Captured Tracks and a mini album on Tough Love. "I Lose" represents the next step in their evolution. Recorded as a three piece for the first time, the track is driven by an insistent cyclical riff, punctuated by Cathal Cully's deceptively assured croon. Entitled "I Lose" as a response to Brilliant Colors track on the flip, the song is charged with a confidence that belies its title, Cully lifting two fingers to the past as he intones: "I don't miss my old life". The first of their new recordings, "I Lose" bodes well for their forthcoming debut album in early 2011. San Francisco's Brilliant Colors have staked-out a unique spot in the indie music landscape, inspired in equal parts by post-punk DIY fervor and the spiky pop of C86 and early Flying Nun/Creation label output. Their 2009 album, Introducing, combined guitar buzz with dreamy melodies and rushing rhythms, forming a startling blend of The Dils and Shop Assistants. Fresh off the simultaneous release of singles on Slumberland and Make-A-Mess, and a UK tour with La La Vasquez, Brilliant Colors have hit the studio again to record "You Win", this time with the estimable Ty Segall. Driven by an absurdly catchy vocal melody and the band's now trademark distorted guitars, "You Win" is another anthem in Brilliant Colors' ever-growing catalog, offering a superb taster for their new album, due Spring 2011."(slumberland recs)

A Slumberland Records(US) e a Tough Love Records(UK) se juntaram para lançar um split 7" com as bandas Girls Names e Brilliant Colors. O single terá duas faixas(uma de cada banda) e como o titulo de cada uma propõe: uma responde a outra. A faixa "I Lose" fará parte do debut da Girls Names que já vazou por aí, não diferente do Brilliant Colors que também terá "You Win" no seu lançamento de 2011. Neste single o Brilliant Colors trabalhou com ninguém mais ninguém menos que Ty Segall, o "ás" da nova geração garageira. Mais uma prova que teremos um ano repleto de lançamentos de qualidade. Lançamento previsto para 23 de novembro junto com obras de arte concebidas pelo vocal do Brilliant Colors, Jess Scott. Ouça abaixo:

Girls Names/Brilliant Colors split single by Slumberland Records

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