16 de outubro de 2010

Eternal Summers (2009)

Eternal Summers is: Nicole Yun + Daniel Cundiff

"The inland duo’s music comes out of the forests of Roanoke, VA, where the mountain vistas are inspiring but the scene is mostly cover bands. Both members are a part of the Magic Twig Community, a collective of nine like-minded musicians that cherish boundless creativity and weirdo indie pop. When Yun, who sings and plays guitar, moved to Roanoke, she originally played with another drummer, but when he bailed before a gig, Cundiff jumped in. What resulted was something very, very punk, and Yun and Cundiff knew they had the right musical chemistry. That’s when Eternal Summers was born." (Kanine Recs)

Eternal Summers - In The Beginning by fearurself

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