26 de outubro de 2010

Didn't You (7")

We are most grateful for his decision.

"In the fall of 2009, Dylan Baldi was an 18-year-old college student studying saxophone and sound recording at a small college near Cleveland, OH. He had played in bands around town since he was old enough to hold a guitar, but recently he’d been putting his solo music on record through the magic of home recordings. He titled the solo project “Cloud Nothings,” made a myspace page, friended some bands he liked, and sat back to wait. That’s when a certain NYC show promoter known for putting on shows in unorthodox venues emailed asking if Cloud Nothings wanted to play with buzz bands Real Estate and Woods at the Market Hotel. This happened to be the same date that Dylan had to play a mandatory performance with his college band or end up failing the class, which put him in the awkward position of having to decide if it was worthwhile to drop out of college to play a very first show with a non-existent band that had only been written about on a couple blogs and heard by a few people. We are most grateful for his decision. Cloud Nothings will release a 7 inch single called ‘Didn’t You’ in the summer of 2010." (Old Flame Recs)

Cloud Nothings - Didn't You by fearurself

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